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Noyes Art Designs is a full service art consulting firm that tailors each art scheme to the needs of our clients. We select artwork for health care, hospitality, and corporate spaces that reflects their mission and demographics.

We help our clients experience art in a way that creates a first and lasting impression.

~Phyllis Stoneburner, Sentara Obici Hospital


Budget Development

We work closely with our clients to establish an artwork budget which will provide complete coverage of the facility. In all of our years being in business, we have always completed projects on time and under budget. (more…)

Signature Flow

Our signature “flow” is achieved not only by the choice of the artwork, but the placement of it as well. It is with conscious intent, using the Constructive Healing Cycle, that we achieve our goal, and the result is a calm atmosphere felt by everyone within the facility. (more…)

Project Management

We have a system called “Project 101” in which we gather a group of Stakeholders to give us input. By forming this group from the beginning, we are assured of building a relationship where questions can be answered before they become issues. (more…)


It has always been our goal to create relationships where we grow with our clients. As you peruse our resume, notice how many different projects fit into that category. For example, see how many projects are Denver Health, Exempla, NCMC, etc. which have grown from our working relationship with them. (more…)


We continually create relationships with architects, designers, and artists. Working together as a team helps all of us achieve the finest vision of your project. Since we do not charge design fees, we are able to meet as many times as needed. (more…)


Having installed artwork for over 26 years, Sam has personally selected and trained our team of four professional installers. Together, our in-house team handles any and all of our installations with our clients without any interruption to you, your employees or production. (more…)

Creative Options

It has always been our philosophy to give our clients the best. The best art. The best service. The best options. By offering a very wide range of materials, custom designs, artists, and imagery we can confidently say that no two projects are, or have ever been, the same. (more…)

Additional Services

We are so much more than just art consultants. We have the ability to offer you a wide range of services that will truly make your facility unique. Let us work together to truly enhance your vision to be the best. (more…)

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ADA Compliant Signage

Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public areas include accommodations and corresponding signage for the handicapped. Our knowledge of ADA compliance in design, production, and installation will ensure your facility is fully up to date with all codes and regulations.

Architectural Design Elements

We work closely with architects and designers to create unique features to complete the overall design. We design, manufacture, and install architectural pieces to enhance spaces with texture, color, and shapes.

Donor & History Walls

Noyes Art can design and install a donor or history wall that will recognize and honor those who have made contributions to your organization or showcase the history of your organization. Every wall is unique to each client and site specific.

Custom Designs

We can attribute the originality of our designs to the selection and placement of artwork. Having a wide range of finishes with which we display art allows our designs the unique quality to both impress and give the right experience.


The tower opening went extremely well. I know I speak for our entire GPHealth art and furniture committee when I say that we are all so proud of the work you have done and still believe that hiring Noyes was the best decision we made throughout our entire building process.

Fiona Libsack, VP Marketing and Support Services, Great Plains Health

I feel blessed to work with you and appreciate all you do!

Carrie Leonard, Manufacturers Sales Representative

As an Artist, I have worked with Noyes Art Design for over 6 years and have found them to be not only be a joy to work with but their professionalism and creativity comes through in everything they do.

Cynthia Duff, Artist

Having worked with Noyes Art Designs for over 15 years, I have come to realize that there is “nothing they will not take on”. Come up with a concept, Noyes Art Designs will make it come to life.

Ed Maxey, Project Developer

Working with Noyes Art Designs has always been a pleasure. Artists are respected members of the team, and their artistic ideas and creative processes considered as part of the art selection process.

Sandra Kaplan, Artist

The best art consultants I’ve ever worked with.

Phyllis Stoneburner, VP Patient Services, Sentara Obici Hospital

Making a commission for Noyes Art Designs was a wonderful experience for me as an artist and I highly recommend them to any business looking to create the appropriate artistic atmosphere for their employees as well as for their clients.

Carol Ann Waugh, Artist


Nancy Noyes started her art consulting company in 1978 as a sole proprietorship. In 2006, Nancy’s son Sam Noyes joined the company. With Sam’s 12 years of combined experience as an art rep and owner of two businesses in the art industry, Nancy knew he was the best choice to continue to build her firm beyond what it already had become in the art world.

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We have combined talents with three growing companies that are spreading internationally. DuraPlaq which is a highly creative manufacturer located in Longmont, CO. Confluence Art Group which works with artists who are interested in being on the cutting edge of substrate development. As well as Soho Prints, which works with artists around the world to sell both open and limited edition art.

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We consider health care design a real passion as art serves many important roles in the healing process. It is the mission of Noyes Art Designs to create artwork designs that bring healing and balance to any facility. It is with this mission that we produce schemes that are tailored to the needs of patients, staff and the community.

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Nancy Noyes


Nancy leads each project to ensure that the final art design reflects the mission and vision of each client. Her passion is to make the art selection process enjoyable—fulfilling design needs in a creative and personal fashion. (more…)

Sam Noyes


Sam is the manager and coordinator of all projects and installations that come to Noyes Art Designs. He works closely with clients to ensure that timelines are on track and that the end design is expertly installed. (more…)

Adrian Koone


Adrian works closely with Nancy and Sam to design, track and organize all projects that come to Noyes Art Designs. Her project management skills ensure that each client is well informed on design plans and timelines. (more…)


Carol Ann Waugh
Fiber Artist


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