Nancy Noyes started her art consulting company in 1978 as a sole proprietorship. She operated the art consulting firm as such until 2002 when she created Artist Showcase, an S Corporation, in which she served as President.

In 2006, Nancy’s son Sam Noyes joined the company. With Sam’s 12 years of combined experience as an art rep and owner of two businesses in the art industry, Nancy knew he was the best choice to continue to build her firm beyond what it already had become in the art world.

After eliminating the plaque mount manufacturing side of the company several years ago, Nancy and Sam established Noyes Art Designs. They wanted the new company to return to its core competency of Art Consulting and fully dedicate their attention on art consulting specializing in healthcare design.

We have since continued to grow by hiring three new employees, Randall Stillwell, Adrian Koone, and Katie Spain. The greatest relationship we have built as a firm is the one we have within our company. We have the most loyal, talented, experienced “family” that we call Noyes Art Designs. We have a diversity of team members from all over the country with varied educational and cultural backgrounds. Everyone on this team is excited about different directions in which Noyes Art Designs is going, and knows that each individuals contributions make the strong collective that will get us where our Vision is taking us. We strive to be the leading art consulting firm that creates art schemes, with intent, that reflect harmony, growth, and success in any facility.