To provide our clients with a variety of high-quality art products, Noyes Art Designs has developed strong partnerships with a local art manufacturer, artists, and art retailers.  Noyes Art Designs has combined our consulting talents with the manufacturing firm DuraPlaq.  Located in Longmont, CO, DuraPlaq is constantly finding new art solutions that are of the highest quality and eco-friendly. It is the goal of DuraPlaq to facilitate creativity and be the industry leader in the ever changing art market.  With the largest printer in the state, DuraPlaq is able to direct print art on any flat surface in sizes up to 8’ x 10’.  Together, we can offer our clients artwork finished on new and unique substrates.

Confluence Art Group is another company in which we have a partnership.  CAG works with artists who are interested in printing and selling their work in open editions.  By having prints of their art made, artists can find new revenue streams and their art can be more available to the public.

Recently, Noyes Art Designs has begun working with Soho Prints Digital Art Ltd.  Soho Prints specializes in the sale of original artwork, the production and distribution of limited edition and open edition giclee prints on canvas, plaq mounts, DuraPlaq framed art and PlaqCards.  The company was established two years ago and utilizes the latest digital technology to produce the finest quality giclee prints available today.  Soho Prints has the exclusive rights to sell art by several famous artists known worldwide.