Additional Services

We are so much more than just art consultants. We have the ability to offer you a wide range of services that will truly make your facility unique. Let us work together to truly enhance your vision to be the best.


Made from premium eco-friendly wood, Plaqs create a durable, long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. A multitude of surface coating finishes are offered to enhance artwork while simultaneously providing UV protection and moisture resistance.

Alternative Finishes

Through our partnership with Confluence Art Group, we can offer artwork finished on various substrates. The facility owns the largest flatbed printer in Colorado and can print on any flat surface. We can print on metal, tile, stone, wood, plastic or any other flat material.

Art Tours

We can provide our clients with a self-guided Art Tour upon the completion of the project. Our Art Tour is done in both brochure and digital formats. Visitors, patients, and employees can walk throughout the facility and learn about the specific artists and pieces.

QR Codes

Self-guided tours are lead by both a brochure and QR codes. QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are similar to the barcodes seen on items for purchase. QR codes have the ability to store more than just numbers, they may contain letters that can be used to display websites. Using one’s camera, a viewer can scan the QR code and be directed to the art tour website, or simply any information you wish.

Custom Designs

With an artist on staff, we have the unique ability to create custom designs for your facility. Your options are limitless. If you can envision it, we can create it. Not quite sure of your vision? Consult with us and we will figure it out!


We have the ability to create any type of signage, small or large. We can manufacture interior and exterior signs, ADA compliant signs, and lighted signs.

Hands Kit

The Hands Kit is an interactive art project that is designed to connect people. Assemble your group to connect in a fun and supportive manner. Each person has an element and color which relates to their personality within the group. Everyone will place a hand print with that color on a provided piece of paper and end up with a magnificent piece of artwork. After it is complete, you can frame it or send it to us for Plaq Mounting.

Commissioned Artwork

Looking for a specific style of artwork? Let us connect you with extensive base of exceptional artists. We can team up together to create the one of a kind piece just for you.

Art Specification Book

Upon completion of projects, each of our clients receives a digital book that contains a detailed list of every artwork within their facility. This book can be a useful tool for our clients as they receive questions from visitors about their artwork. It is also beneficial to our clients for insurance purposes.

Art Relocation & Finishing

Often times our clients have artwork that they would like to have relocated or refinished to match a recent interior renovation. With our expert in-house installation team and skilled consultants, we can take existing artwork and give it new life.