Budget Development

We work closely with our clients to establish an artwork budget which will provide complete coverage of the facility. In all of our years being in business, we have always completed projects on time and under budget.

The rule of thumb in an ideal world for budgeting artwork for large projects, whether privately or publicly funded, is to allot 1% of the construction budget to art placement. Our normal budgets have routinely come in at ½ of 1% of the construction budget. Using this formula will enable us to combine commissioned art with reproductions that will be finished on various substrates.

Our most recent hospital is the project that we feel was the most successful, mainly because we were given a budget that enabled us to have the right number of pieces for optimum coverage. We had the right mixture of Original, Limited Edition 2D and 3D art, as well as reproductions on various substrates. Most importantly, everything was in the correct scale.

“Working with Nancy and team was an inspiring experience. We were able to select unique pieces that were sponsored by our donors. Our project was within our budget and has added lasting value and enjoyment to our facility!”

~ Marcie Demchuk, Foundation Executive Director

Artwork design differs from the role of a furniture, flooring or materials rep. Art Consultants are not given a list of art that the client wants ordered. We work with a team of architects and interior designers as well as our client’s art committee to establish a direction, and then we create the design around that vision. With that vision we create the Art in Healing Concept which will pull together all elements of Patient Centered Care.

Our first consideration is to provide optimum coverage in a project while meeting or beating the given budget. With this philosophy, it has been standard practice that we do not charge design fees. Our compensation comes from our sources – artists, publishers, and framers – not our clients.