We continually create relationships with architects, designers, and artists. Working together as a team helps all of us achieve the finest vision of your project. Since we do not charge design fees, we are able to meet as many times as needed.

We work hard to build a partnership with the architect, designer, and our client by being involved from the beginning.  Forming the Design Team will always ensure that the vision is projected through the design of the facility, followed by the interiors, and finally being pulled together by the artwork.  By including the artwork package in the beginning, the overall vision reflects continuity and completes the project.

“Noyes Art Designs, as a resource and a part of the design team, has been very valuable to our firm over the years. We depend on them to keep us informed of new talent and possibilities in our designs, as well as being sensitive to our client’s goals and needs.”

~ DiAnn Sherk, Head Designer, Boulder Associates Architects & Interiors

With the architect, we collaborate about art niches, half walls, designed features for stairwells, and reinforcements for the installation of heavier artwork (for example stone pieces).  With the designer we respond to finishes they have chosen and enhance their design by placing artwork that compliments what they have created.  We learn about chair height, casework design and dimension, signage, and areas where they might see wall covering rather than artwork.  It is at this point that we might make a point for artwork instead.  It is this collaboration that enhances any vision, and avoids mismatch at installation.

Another vastly important team with whom we want to establish a relationship is the Construction team.  By working with the Project Manager and Head of Construction, we can plan for areas where there are fire strobes, signage, fire extinguishers, etc.  By providing the contractor copies of marked plans where art is intended, he can advise us as to what obstacles we might encounter.  In this way, we avoid “surprises” when we install.  Most pieces can be relocated if a conflict may arise during the installation.