Signature Flow

Our signature “flow” is achieved not only by the choice of the artwork, but the placement of it as well. It is with conscious intent, using the Constructive Healing Cycle, that we achieve our goal, and the result is a calm atmosphere felt by everyone within the facility.

Constructive Healing Cycle

North Colorado Medical Center

Over the years, Noyes Art Designs has become acutely aware of Patient Center Care in Health Care design as well as Productivity concerns in corporate design.  We feel that art is, and needs to be the component that pulls together all the other design elements; but more than that, it has to have an esoteric function. We have studied and stay current with Evidence Based Design and can integrate that into our artwork selection.

We have incorporated all of this information into our designs by using a concept called the Constructive Healing Cycle whereby we achieve harmony in a facility that is the same that is found in Nature in its most balanced state.  By consciously following how nature stays in balance and using this concept in our design process, we achieve Noyes Art Designs’ Signature Flow.

Our Signature Flow is achieved as much by the placement of the art as it is in the selection.  The five elements we consider are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  Each has a symbolic color (i.e. blue for Water), material (i.e. glass or actual water features for Water), shape (i.e. a shape that is winding or curved like water in a stream) and meaning (the meaning of water is flexibility as well as power).  If we select and place art in a configuration that is supportive of those elements, we elevate art’s purpose by creating a calm and harmonious environment.

It has been the experience of those of us working with the Constructive Healing Cycle, which, without any explanation, patients, clients, or staff will feel a difference from other facilities.  Whether in the entry Lobby or down corridors, we consistently use this flow and have quantitatively measured its effect.


Recently we were published in a journal specifically related to security personnel in Health Care.  We explained our selection and placement process and interviewed many people within the hospitals we have designed to document their experiences.  It was reported that because of the choice of images and the placement of those images, there were far fewer calls to the Emergency Room.  The fewer number of calls were able to be tracked specifically to when the artwork had been installed.

It has also been reported from various hospitals, that since the artwork installation, the volunteers at the Front Desk have noticed a definite difference in the anxiety level of patients who enter their lobby and come to their desk.  In one case, the volunteer reported that there were audible sighs when the patients or visitors reached their desk.