Adrian Koone

Adrian Koone


Adrian works closely with Nancy and Sam to design, track and organize all projects that come to Noyes Art Designs. Her project management skills ensure that each client is well informed on design plans and timelines.

Adrian Koone also works closely with Nancy on designs to ensure that each project meets the needs of the client. She develops new programs for us to stay on track and is generally our calming force. She has her MBA in Management from the University of Denver, and is a stickler for staying within budget and on time. Outside of work, Adrian is an avid LSU and Saints fan.

An Interview With Adrian

Who is your favorite Artist and why?

There is a local Denver artist, Randall Stillwell, who has recently become my favorite artist because he has a knack for making things look like a real artist. He created an incredible installation of a grove of aspen trees for a local hospital lobby which is truly breathtaking. Upon entering the lobby you are awe-struck by the colossal metal aspen trees that are lit to reflect the colors of the changing seasons. When I saw these fantastic trees I couldn’t help but lean in admiration. He is truly an extraordinary artist with many talents.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

Yes, it is a painting that my sister painted in high school.  She was inspired and influenced by Ida Kohlmeyer and “lent” it to me to decorate my room in college.  Luckily we are roommates now so I’ve been able to keep it and enjoy it every day.

How did your favorite color become your favorite?

My grandmother kind of picked my favorite color for me.  Since she had four grandchildren she was always buying multiple of the same gifts and distinguishing the gift for each of us based on color, mine was pink.

How do you do your job differently than other people?

I think I have a unique ability to use both my left and right brain in my job.  In designing art schemes I am able to use my creative side then switch to organized, task-oriented, and numbers-focused thinking.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

It’s hard for me to pick one favorite thing; I love to go to sports games as well as watch them on TV, hang out with friends, try new restaurants, and hang out with the kids I babysit.