Nancy Noyes

Nancy Noyes


Nancy leads each project to ensure that the final art design reflects the mission and vision of each client. Her passion is to make the art selection process enjoyable—fulfilling design needs in a creative and personal fashion.

Nancy Noyes is our head designer for all projects that come to Noyes Art Designs. Having customized art designs for health care projects since 1978, she is an expert with what’s current in the art market and what fits with the demographics of the clients. She has a double degree in Art History and Retailing from Ohio State University which makes her successful at pairing business with her passion for art.

An Interview With Nancy

Who is your favorite Artist and why?

Van Gogh is my most favorite artist. The reason I feel that way is that I studied art history in college; I just saw the primitive, raw, talent of him as he did his first drawings and paintings, like the potato eaters, to the emergence of this unreal texture and color. I feel that he was a real genius.

What is your favorite style of artwork and why?

The more I am in the art business the more contemporary my taste becomes. I love artists that have movement, like G. H. Rothe, I love artists that have great depth, like Maeve Harris. There’s so many artists I can’t really say who my favorite is in this era. I just like to see the emergence of new artists and everything that they bring to us. I love the innovation of El Anatsui that I recently saw at the Denver Art Museum. It was amazing! He uses found objects to make the most gorgeous creations. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

How did your favorite color become your favorite?

Purple is my favorite color, and honestly I don’t know why. It is probably one of the main colors on my own color wheel, as far as things to wear. But I just feel like it is calming, it’s clear, and it’s rich. I think that it has a very high place in my color choices.

How do you do your job differently than other people?

Although my main focus is to choose artwork for facilities, I do it in a different way; especially since I do artwork mostly for hospitals. So much so that my main focus is healing versus just décor. I design around the constructive healing cycle of nature. So it’s really much more in the placement in the art than the selection of the images.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I love theater, I love dance, I love sports, and I like meeting with friends. So there are a lot of varied things I like to do when I’m not working. But I have to say that I really love what I do, so I really like working as well as any of those things.