Sam Noyes

Sam Noyes


Sam is the manager and coordinator of all projects and installations that come to Noyes Art Designs. He works closely with clients to ensure that timelines are on track and that the end design is expertly installed.

Sam Noyes joined Noyes Art Designs in 2006 after running his own company in North Carolina. Sam works closely with clients to establish a budget and timeline so that all project needs are met. Sam also leads our installation team, coordinating installation dates and ensuring project safety codes are followed. Having installed artwork for 26 years, Sam is skilled at presenting a solution for installation needs that arise in each of our projects. Sam’s life away from Noyes Art Designs is one of involvement in his family and all of their many activities.

An Interview With Sam

Who is your favorite Artist and why?

My favorite artist is Didie Larenco and I think the reason I like him so much is first of all I met him several times and I used to rep him, and I really like the guy. And he’s very contemporary but you know what the subject is. He paints people, he paints scenes, I just like the style. I like the way he uses the colors. He uses reds and blues and greens and they’re all dark and contemporary and it’s really cool. I’ve always liked him.

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork?

Yes, Paseo by Didier Lourenço. The reason is because he paints himself into every piece of art. But in this one specifically, he painted his son with him. I really like that.

Is there a reason it is your favorite?

Because I sold the original to a customer at a trade show and Didie was in the booth when I sold the original and he gave me the poster. I wish he would have given me the original…

How did your favorite color become your favorite?

My favorite color is green, because I look good in green. Plain and simple, I wish there was a better story.

How do you do your job differently than other people?

I think I do my job differently than other people because I rarely bring the product in on an appointment. I rarely show the product first. I become friends with people, I talk with people. It may take me two or three appointments to really get them interested in what I have, but after those two or three appointments I have a pretty good friend. I don’t know if that is different, but that is how I do it.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Watch sports. Any sport. Football, I’m a Bronco fan; a huge Bronco fan. My kids play sports, I like watching theirs. I can watch any sport, anytime, anywhere.

What sports do your kids play?

They play hockey, lacrosse, and soccer… I played lacrosse… just sayin’.