For this project we worked with the interior designers to coordinate the artwork with their interior design scheme, which was based off the colors found in the local landscape: green, yellow, and blue. The first floor, the green floor, we brought in imagery of vegetation, grasses, and trees. For the second floor, the yellow floor, we selected depictions of mountains, animals, and flowers with yellow accents. Lastly, the third floor, the blue floor, we chose artwork that represents the clouds and the sky. When the project comes together as a whole,  this intentional curation of artwork paints a picture of the Pueblo landscape with its grasses, wildlife, and big skies. Each floor contained original artwork in the main reception and waiting areas and reproductions in the backside care-taking areas. By request of the owners of this project, all of the original artworks are by artists from Pueblo. Supporting local artists not only reinforces the community aspect that the health center wants to portray but it also brings a sense of familiarity and grounding to the patients who visit this space. 

>> Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo Community Health Center