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Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have specific questions that are not listed here

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  • Why should I work with Noyes Art Designs?

    • We are a family run business and customer service is our #1 priority. We strive to make selecting, designing, and purchasing art and signage an easy process. We know how stressful new construction and renovation projects can be, so we want to make the art and signage the least of your worries. We will listen to your needs, learn about your company, and create incredible designs that will bring your corporate or residential environments to life. 

  • What kind of services do you offer? 

    • We often like to say, “If it goes on a wall, we can do it!”. Broadly, our services include art consulting, interior and exterior signage, specialty walls and installation. More specifically, some of the other services we offer include: 

      • Selection, commission, acquisition of artwork

      • Sculpture (interior and exterior), murals, wall coverings

      • Custom design services

      • Inventory Management 

      • Sponsorship/donor programs, local artist programs

      • Donor walls, history walls, recognition walls

      • Framing, plaq-mounting, canvas stretching, alternative finish options

      • Transportation and delivery

      • Installation of all mediums of artwork (including security systems)

      • Budget and timeline development

      • Project management 

      • And MORE!

  • Who are your clients? Do you work outside of Colorado? 

    • Our main focus is healthcare, but we also work with corporate, financial, hospitality, multifamily, and residential clients. We primarily work in Colorado, but we also have clients in Florida, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, and Texas. Anywhere you need us, we will make it happen!

  • Can I return artwork purchased from the marketplace?

    • Yes! Please click here to see our return policy.

  • Are you insured?

    • Yes, we are compliant with all insurance needed to operate our business (for example liability and workman’s comp). If we are awarded your project, we have a current Certificate of Insurance on file that we can provide your team. 



  • What is an art consultant?

    • Art consultants are experts in all things related to art. Our team of art consultants are trained in art history, design, and stay up to date on all the latest trends in contemporary art. Art consultants get to know individual clients and find artwork that is suitable to their style or brand. Not only are art consultants knowledgeable about artwork, they are also well-versed in pricing, curation, framing, and project management. 

  • Do you represent artists?

    • Although art consultants do not represent artists, they often have relationships with galleries and auction houses to find exclusive artwork for their clients. Art consultants also have access to publication websites that sell art reproductions at a low cost for large corporate projects. 

  • If I am an artist, what is the best way for me to introduce my work to you?

    • We are always looking for new artists to use in our projects. Please submit your work here, and we will reach out to you if we have a project that fits your style. 

  • Will I pay any fees in addition to the procurement of artwork?

    • No, we do not charge any additional design fees on top of the price of the art; however, for custom graphic design projects we do charge design time. 

  • What are the best finishes for cleanability and sanitization?

    • The best finishes for cleanability are wood float-mounts. 



  • Where can you install?

    • We can install anywhere from your house to your office building. We can install in areas that are difficult to reach, objects that are fragile to handle, and artworks that are extremely heavy. We have the ability to install on various surfaces such as drywall, brick, metal, and stone. In and outside of Colorado, our installation team is available for all of your installation needs. 

  • Even if I don’t purchase artwork from you, can you transport/install my artwork?

    • Yes! Regardless of whether you’ve used our consulting services, we can transport, install and store your artwork. 

  • How do you secure artwork?

    • This primarily applies to corporate and healthcare projects to prevent people from stealing or knocking artwork off the walls. We use a three point security system where the artwork is hung from two mini cleats at the top and is secured with a T-screw in the center on the bottom. The T-screw is locked with a special key that makes it near impossible to remove unless someone unlocks the artwork with the key. 

  • What are industry standards for hanging artwork? 

    • Check out our blog post "How to Hang Art!".


  • What is production turnaround time for signage?

    • The average production time for signage is 4-6 weeks.

  • What is ADA compliant signage? 

  • Can you work within client specifications for signage?

    • Yes, we can work with any brand specifications to make the signage consistent with the rest of your building or other. locations. 


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