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Noyes Art Designs functions on collaboration. We are not just a team, but a family of creatives who all support and respect on another. 


Nancy Noyes, EDAC

Founder & President

Having customized art designs for corporate projects since 1978, and holding a certification in Evidence Based Design, Nancy is an expert in what is current in the art market and what fits with the demographics of our clients.

Using her double degree in Art History and Retailing from The Ohio State University as a base, Nancy has built a company that focuses on art as healing and productivity. She enjoys working with artists who have done astounding commissions for her over the years as well as getting to know new emerging artists. She lives by the quote: " Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!"

Voyage Denver Article "Meet Nancy Noyes of Noyes Art Designs in the Santa Fe Arts District" 


Sam Noyes

Vice President of Business Operations

Jack of all trades, Sam is the leader who motivates, organizes, and propels the company forward. As the business manager and the head of the installation team, Sam translates the design team's vision into finished and installed pieces.


Having installed artwork since he was 15, Sam started his own art installation company. After several years, he transitioned to a Sales Rep for a national art publisher, representing 9 states during his time there. By 2006, Sam and his family made the move back to sunny Colorado, and right into Noyes Art Designs.


Graduate of Sonoma State University, husband and father of 3, he is a genius at juggling time and activities.


Adrian Kistner, EDAC, MBA

Vice President of Design

Adrian joined the Noyes Art team in 2012 after finishing her MBA from the University of Denver. With a degree in Art History from Emory University, she has melded her love for art with her penchant for organization to ensure that all projects are successfully executed.


She is always on the hunt for new artists, publishers, and trends to create unique art packages or designs for each client. Adrian has her Evidence Based Design certification for healthcare design and stays up to date on current research around this area of study. 


Danielle Reisman, EDAC, MA

Art Consultant 

Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, Danielle was exposed to the visual and performing arts from a very young age. She moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver where she received her BA and MA in Art History with a focus in Museum Studies. Danielle is well versed in many genres of art, but is particularly passionate about contemporary Native American and Buddhist art.


At Noyes Art Designs, Danielle wears many hats from art curation and installation to marketing and sales, she sees many projects through and through. Her previous experiences working at museums and galleries gives Danielle the skills to conduct research to matchmake artists and prospective clients. Outside of Noyes Art Designs you can find Danielle in the mountains of Colorado hiking, skiing, and camping with her dog Lola. 


Natalie Parsons

Project Manager

Natalie is a Massachusetts native and moved to Denver in 2020. She has five years of experience in the healthcare industry, where she created unique and meaningful experiences and solutions for clients undergoing EMR changes. Natalie has always had a passion for the arts and expresses that through volunteer work and continued education. It was Natalie's dream to combine her professional and personal interests, and joining Noyes Art Designs made that a reality!


Outside of work you can find Natalie exploring her new state. She loves hiking, biking, skiing and going to see live music. 


Matthew Jesseman

Graphic Design Specialist 

Matthew’s passion for art and design is heavily influenced by evidence based design principles and a background in mass manufacturing design. Brought on as our in-house designer, Matthew discovered an eccentric passion for signage and wayfinding. The ability for signage to create positive environments and ease the relationship between people and architecture is what fuels his contagious enthusiasm for the practice. 


When he’s not at work, Matthew can be found developing his experimental furniture collection or spending time with his nephews.


Becca Hall

Installation Division Manager

Born in Philadelphia, Becca received her MFA in Painting from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and BA in Art, Design, and Media from Richmond, the American International University in London. At Noyes Art Designs, Becca oversees the Installation Division, ensuring all projects are executed to the highest quality. Her background in fine art provides the foundation for approaching every installation with care and attention to detail.


Becca is an abstract painter whose work focuses on the clash between natural and synthetic worlds. When she’s not working or painting, she can be found running and hiking in the mountains.


Nick Ortega


I'm an artist, Marine Corps veteran and lead art installer at Noyes Art Designs.

I'm very experienced at installing a range of different kinds of artwork, including
but not limited to, framed art work, collages, sculptures, vinyl graphics, full wall coverings and heavy decorative mirrors. If there's something you want displayed on your walls our team and I can make it happen.

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CBO (Chief Barking Officer)

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