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The Constructive Healing
Cycle & Signature Flow

The connection between art and productivity and how the 5 fundamental elements of Nature can bring balance and healing to your space. 

What is Constructive Healing Cycle
and how does it apply to my business?

Life is experienced at its fullest when passion is married to purpose. It occurs when we connect growth, excitement, stability, richness, and power. These ideologies are the manifestations of the 5 fundamental elements of Nature - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.


The Constructive Healing Cycle connects these elements in the perfect configuration to create our Signature Flow and to bring the same balance, support, and harmony to our lives as they do in the natural world.

The Elements of Nature in Fine Art  


Shape: Round, Domed, Arched, Oval

Color: White, Gold, Silver

Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Silver, Bronze, Copper

Meaning: Rich, Solid, Leadership, Organization


Shape: Irregular, Curved, Fluid, Wavy

Color: Black, Blue

Material: Glass, Water

Meaning: Depth, Power, Flexibility, Tranquility 


Shape: Rectangular, Tall, Vertical 

Color: Green, Brown

Material: Wood, Bamboo, Paper

Meaning: Life, Growth, Vitality


Shape: Pointed, Serrated, Triangular, Diamond

Color: Red, Orange

Material: Plastic 

Meaning: Excitement, Passion 


Shape: Squatty, Low, Flat, Wide, Horizontal

Color: Yellow, Brown

Materials: Clay, Ceramics, Plaster, Natural Fibers, Stone 

Meaning: Comfort, Security 

The Constructive Healing Cycle

What is Signature Flow

and what are its benefits?

Noyes Art Designs is well versed in Evidence Based Design principles in healthcare design.  The same research has validity in work spaces, hospitality, higher education and multifamily dwellings. Art is the final component that pulls together all other design elements, and by doing so, it produces an environment of healing and effectiveness.


The firm’s design work is done with intent in both the selection and placement of art to establish its signature flow, creating the same harmony in the project that is found in nature in it most balanced state. It is something that is not always understood, but is intuitively felt.

Noyes Art Designs- Metal Art
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