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Installation services

We provide “white glove” art curation, placement and installation services. 

| Installation SERVICES |



Custom wall coverings



Sculpture (Interior & Exterior)

Dimensional/Installation Art

Specialty Walls


Installation in healthcare, commercial, and residential spaces. 

Noyes Art Designs is well versed in Evidence Based Design principles in healthcare design.  The same research has validity in work spaces, hospitality, higher education and multifamily dwellings. Art is the final component that pulls together all other design elements, and by doing so, it produces an environment of healing and effectiveness.


The firm’s design work is done with intent in both the selection and placement of art to establish its signature flow, creating the same harmony in the project that is found in nature in it most balanced state. It is something that is not always understood, but is intuitively felt.



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What sets Noyes Art Designs apart from other art consulting firms is our intuitive curation process called the Constructive Healing Cycle (TM). This process is rooted in the concepts of biophilic design (bringing the outside in), which means we portray the elements of nature in the artwork package to bring peace, harmomy, and healing into any healthcare, corporate space 

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