>> Denver, CO

>> 350,000 square foot, 7-story ground up build hospital  

>> The selection of artwork for this building was curated based off the characteristics of seven neighborhoods in Denver. We chose artists who work in a variety of styles and materials to create a diverse aesthetic while maintaining the Denver-centric theme. The artists included in this project are:

> First Floor (Union Station): Meg Miller, Stephanie Swift, Janice McDonald, Stevie Deer, Mary Williams, Jillian Pate, Victoria Eubanks, Bob Coller Jewett, Bonny Lhotka

> Second Floor (Santa Fe Arts District: AJ Davis, Terry Decker, Tony Ortega, Gay Lasher, Martine Amande

> Third Floor (Botanic Gardens): Sandra Kaplan, Jill Powers, Bonny Lhotka

> Fourth Floor (Capitol Hill): AJ Davis, Carol Ann Waugh, Sue Simon, Stephanie Swift

> Fifth Floor (Five Points): Darrell Anderson, Juliette Hemingway, Julie Anderson, Meave Eichelberger

> Sixth Floor (City Park): Martha Russo, Arturo Garcia, James Andre

> Seventh Floor (Denver Skyline): Gregory Arth, Ed Kunzelman, Terry Decker, Nha Vuu   

Denver Health Out Patient Medical Center