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>> Denver, CO

>> 350,000 square foot, 7-story ground up build hospital  

When tasked to curate the artwork for the new Outpatient Medical Center at Denver Health, the Noyes Art team developed a Denver-centric theme that would connect visitors to a sense of place. With the challenge of consolidating different departments into one building, it was crucial to have a theme that could also contribute to wayfinding. The selection of artwork for this healthcare building was curated based off the characteristics of seven neighborhoods in Denver. We chose artists who work in a variety of styles and materials to create a diverse aesthetic while maintaining the theme. 

> First Floor (Union Station)

> Second Floor (Santa Fe Arts District)

> Third Floor (Botanic Gardens)

> Fourth Floor (Capitol Hill)

> Fifth Floor (Five Points)

> Sixth Floor (City Park)

> Seventh Floor (Denver Skyline)  

Denver Health Out Patient Medical Center

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