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Noyes Art created an artwork narrative to compliment the interior design theme established by the architect/interior design team. Each floor represented a part of a large tree – root system, ground cover, trunk, branches, and canopy. The building was to represent the natural setting of the front range foothills and emulate protection and safety. The result of this artwork package is a facility that parallels the intent of the client and shows the strength and healing of the medical center. The artwork package included a combination of original commissioned art by local artists and employees, reproduction prints, and a 14-foot tree sculpture in the NICU healing garden.


Within this space, a custom fabricated metal and ceramic tree was designed as a center piece of the healing garden. Colorado artists Doug Gilmore, metal sculptor, and Jutta Golas, ceramicist collaborated to create this welcoming, calming, and inspiring piece. Comprising 4 metal parts to build the tree trunk and 1000 ceramic petals that decorate each branch, the Noyes Art installation team worked closely with the artists to assemble this tree on site. The Healing Garden will provide a space for patients, family members, staff, and doctors to relax and experience a calming design. 

>> St. Francis Medical Center, Colorado, Springs 

St. Francis NICU Expansion

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