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ART + EMOTIONS + INTENT // A Complex Relationship

What do you see and what do you feel when you enter a hospital or any other medical facility? Do you feel confident, calm, and inspired or dread, fear, and anxiety?

My bet is that, in more cases, this is not a pleasant experience, but what if it could be, and why is it not in the first place?

Having created artwork schemes for 40 years, I have come to know what is good for patients, staff, and visitors. Artwork has the ability to be an additional healing element. Selected and placed with intent, artwork can create the same harmony in a business or space that is found in nature in its most balanced state.

The key concept is With Intent. It is easy to browse and purchase art online or in a store, and hang it on whatever blank wall needs it. What is more difficult is understanding Patient Centered Care as well as design elements like scale, color, and materials.

Needless to say, red is not a color to use in hospitals, rather calming colors and imagery such as soft toned abstracts or landscapes may create the calming art design needed in hospitals. However, what is not obvious and rarely considered is the order in which art is placed to follow a concept we can The Constructive Healing Cycle (TM). Art chosen its the intent to follow the elements of this cycle is the key to making art a healing component in design.

As you may know, each of the 5 elements of nature has color, shape, material, and meaning associated with it, which fine art can mirror and have as well.

By placing specific art pieces in conjunction with the natural cycle of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, then Metal, a natural harmony can be brought to any space of facility.

Imagine walking into a lobby of any facility where planning was taken to create a harmoniously healing space. Now, imagine feeling instantly assured that you are in the right place and that you are welcome there. It is this intent that Noyes Art Designs implements to take art from décor to healing.


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