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The Art of Constructive Healing in the Age of Covid-19

As Covid-19 spread tragedy and anxiety across the world over the past year, Noyes Art Designs has been striving to promote healing and tranquility through implementing our Constructive Healing Cycle (TM) in healthcare environments and beyond. Since patients are not allowed to have visitors in hospitals these days, it is more important than ever that hospital walls are filled with artwork to support and comfort patients through unprecedented and lonely times.

What is the Constructive Healing Cycle (TM)?

Art is proven to improve the healthcare experience because it provides a homey aesthetic and distracts patients from the unsettling hospital environment. The Constructive Healing Cycle (TM) is a curatorial process that Nancy Noyes created that brings the 5 healing elements of nature—water, wood, fire, earth, metal—into the hospital setting through artwork. Each of these elements has their own healing properties and when they are depicted in artwork, her hope is that it conveys a sense of healing to viewers.

Why a cycle?

Almost all things in nature occur in a circular fashion. In the case of the elements… water feeds wood, wood creates fire, fires embers enrich the earth, earth compresses to make metal, and metal holds water. In our curation process, we attempt to recreate this elemental cycle by placing artwork that represents the elements in a repetitive fashion throughout the hospital. To ensure that we are not using the same imagery over and over again, we assigned colors and shapes to each element so that we can use a wide variety of artistic styles and compositions throughout the space. For example, water does not necessarily need to portray as a river or ocean, it can also be represented by the color blue or flowing shapes.

Healing for all…

The Constructive Healing Cycle (TM) can not only be used in a hospital setting, but also in a residential or corporate space. During the pandemic, studies show that metal health illnesses such as depression and anxiety have increased in individuals due to the stress of unemployment, working from home, seclusion from friends and family, and so on. For many people, spending more time at home meant jazzing up their personal spaces. Whether it is buying plants, new furniture, or artwork, adding fengshui that suites your personal style can be a major source of healing and happiness.

Nancy always says, while one might not understand the Constructive Healing Cycle (TM), they will feel it when they walk into the space.


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