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Turning Signage into Art

Noyes Art Designs was formed in 1978 as a sole proprietorship and continued that way until my son, Sam Noyes joined the firm in 2006. From the beginning, art and art services have been the core competency of the business. We began designing for doctors’ offices, outpatient surgery centers and, soon. were designing entire hospitals.

I was introduced to the Planetree concept in the late 90’s and began to think in a more “Patient Centered Care” way. I realized that art must be more than décor and began thinking of ways to enhance our offerings. Soon after, a client asked us if we could do interior signage for a project of theirs. Although we didn’t have that capability at the time, we began exploring the possibility, and decided that, by partnering with expert vendors this could be another service in our toolbox.

For over 30 years, our designers and installers had to deal with signage that, number one, was often in unexpected locations where art had been planned, and number 2, very often aesthetically clashed with the artwork. By designing it or fabricating the client’s “standard” signage design, we have more control of how the signage works in better harmony with the artwork.

Denver Health Outpatient Medical Center was the epitome of this effort. We were awarded the artwork, signage, and wayfinding contract for this project that was entirely Denver neighborhood themed. By designing the wayfinding and signage to mimic the artwork on each floor, we are able to efficiently move patients toward their designated department. Large floor to ceiling wall vinyls depicted an identifying element of each neighborhood, which then was translated onto the design of the signage throughout the floor. It is a beautiful way to show potential clients how coordinating artwork and signage can work together in a cohesive package, and now represents a substantial portion of the business. Just as in the artwork portion of Noyes Art Designs, we strive every day to create fresh ideas and innovative products and designs that are unique to each one of our valued clients.


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