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Favorite Artists of CCAF 2021

Jennifer Lashbrook is a “digital age impressionist” from Dallas. Obsessed with color, Lashbrook uses hand cut paint swatches to create a pixilated image of a landscape, figure, or object. Up close the subject is almost unrecognizable, but then when one stands at a distance or views the artwork through a phone lens, the image becomes clear. This is a modern take on the nineteenth century French impressionists and pointillists who used dabs, dots, and stokes of color to capture the essence of an object rather than the details. A piece like this is highly conceptual and requires explanation and technology. The work not only hangs on the wall of your home or office, it invites interaction and questioning.

Bright colors and bold brushstrokes define Michael McKee’s energetic landscapes. His work generates a sense of joy and brings life to any space. If you love landscapes and need a pop of color, McKee is the artist for you!

Amber Marshall’s glass pouffes are a showstopper. They push the boundaries of glass blowing and invite viewers to contemplate and appreciate the various properties of glass. You can watch Marshall’s process here!

Nha Vuu, an artist we recently worked with on our Denver Health OMC project, is a Vietnamese artist based in Fort Collins. Her complex, geometric landscapes are her interpretation of Chinese landscape painting. Her brushwork conveys a sense of energy, while her connecting, repetitive forms create a vision of balance and unity.

Joseph Graci’s wood installations celebrate the simplicity of wood in a modern way. His work highlights natural grains of the wood itself while also portraying his own hand carved textures on a larger scale. This type of work has a warm sophistication that would succeed in residential or corporate climates.

Lijah Hanley is a fine art photographer from Washington. Known for his vibrant landscapes, Lijah travels the world finding fresh perspectives and unique lighting to make his images stand out from other landscape photographers. This kind of imagery is useful for many of our healthcare and corporate projects because it provides a window to the outside world for people who do not have the ability to experience that on a daily basis.



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